The last area we visited in Guayaquil was the old waterfront.  It has been converted into a beautiful waterfront area that is frequented by many visitors and residents alike.

The old waterfront area has been completely renovated.  The derelict buildings torn town and replaced with grass, pavilions and walkways.

Statues of historical figures that dominated Ecuadorian and Guayaquil's history are places in various places in the park.


Looking out over the water from the park is not too impressive; however the sea grass bunches played an important part in the flora and fauna population of the Galapagos Islands.  It is theorized that these mats carried the ancestors of the current life on the islands.


Looking the other direction, the ground rises rapidly upward from the waterfront topped by a centuries old lighthouse.

There are several methods of getting from the waterfront to the upper levels.  There are streets that can be driven, or for the more adventurous,  stairs, 444 in total. lead from the waterfront to the top.  This photo is from the bottom.
Only 298 more to go from this point.  I was unable to determine what the numbers on the steps represented.  They started at 911 at the bottom and finished at 476 at the top, making 444 steps.  Possibly it represents street numbers for buildings along the steps?

Did I climb all 444 of them? Only those with me know the answer to that. The rest must speculate,
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