I was on a safari in South Africa in April-May of 2009.  I visited the Hluhluwe Game Preserve and the Kruger National Park.

I landed at Richard's Bay to start my African Safari.  Was picked up by my guide at the airport along with two other travers and we headed for the Mpila camp in the Hluhluwe Game Preserve. From Mpila we went to the Hilltop camp and then on to Mkuze, staying a couple of days at each. When we left the Hluhluwe Game Preserve we traveled north and to the West of Swaziland to the Kruger National Park. We stayed overnight in Piet Retief at a great B&B called Welgekozn County Lodge. We then went north on a federal highway to the gate at Orpen and then on Kruger park roads to the Satara Camp for our first 3 days there.  The blue line shown my route.  After spending 10 days in Kruger NP I departed from Nelspruit to head back home.
These two maps show the area of the Hluhluwe Game Preserve where I started my safari.

These maps show the Kruger National Park and the part I toured.


I only toured the Southern part of the Kruger;
however I was told by our guide that was where
the largest concentration of animals was located. 
Can't argue are we saw the big five as well as
many other species.

Rather than trying to organize what I saw by day, I have organized it by  animal, bird, scenic, etc.  The next pages are photos that I took with my Nikon D300 DSLR camera.  I used two different lens. A 18-50mm zoom and a 70-300mm zoom.
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Birds of Africa