Grand European River Cruise Aug-Sep 2014

Grand European River Cruise Aug-Sep 2014

Grand European River Cruise Aug-Sep 2014
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The Texas Skunk and Ms Skunk traveled to Europe during August and September, 2014.  We flew into Amsterdam, stayed a few days there and subsequently boarded a Viking River Boat for a river boat cruise from Amsterdam to Budapest. We then boarded a EuroRail train to Prague.  Returned home from Prague via Amsterdam.  Took thousands of photos!  Literally over 3000! BUT that’s not so many when it is estimated the over 880 billion photos will be taken in 2014.  Just trying to hold up my end. The best are divided by location. The rest go into the “Delete File”  Hope you enjoy them. 

Please see Copyright notice at bottom of Home page for use of these photos. Yeah, this is the fine print.

We traveled by air to Amsterdam, by river boat to Budapest, rail to Prague and then back home by air.

First Stop Amsterdam. Click here to go with us.

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Kinderdijk and Windmills

Cologne or Koln as the Germans spell it.


Marksburg Castle in Koblinz



Bamburg & Hassfurt

Bamberg Cathedral

Other Bamburg Attractions

Locking Up


High Lift Lock


Passau, Germany

Melk & Krems, Austria




Budapest – Night

Our Last Day On-board. Photos of the Crew

Budapest – Day One

Budapest Day 2

Budapest to Prague by train

Our Apartment in Prague

Prague Old Town Square

Prague Castle and Saint Vitus Cathedral

Charles Bridge

Miscellaneous Sights in Prague

Jewish Cemetary

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