China Videos

I had to post this video on Youtube due to its length. It is an excerpt of a video made by the ship’s photographer.  I do not know how long it will remain there.  Here is the URL: 

There is a 37 minute video of our Yangtze River Cruse posted on YouTube Just click this link to go there or your can cut and paste the URL from above to your PC (or Mac)

I have posted some videos of our trip to China on the Vimeo web site.  Others are embedded in this site. Click below to go to that site.
Some of these videos are also accessible from  other pages.  To return after viewing a video just clock your browser “BACK” arrow or button
BUT! Let me say that I am NOT a videographer so they are pretty

The first video is of the Bund or waterfront in Shanghai.  We start with the new side and them circle around to the old European Colonial side.

Click here for a video of the Bund. This will take you to Vimeo. Then click on the arrow to play.

While in the 3 Tribes Area we found a young lady playing a Zheng.

Zhneg instrument being played.

We were serenaded on our boat trip. I don’t think he will be appearing on The Voice or American Idol!

Click here for boatman singing

Click here for some Pandas

Beijing Duck Dinner

Terracotta Warriors

Noodle Making

Video of the Great Wall

Hat Trick Guy

Passing Traffic – This one will make you dizzy

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