North Sea Cruse 2001

The Skunks, Texas and Ms, flew into Paris, where Ms Skunk’s wallet was stolen out of her backpack at the airport. Then on to England  where we cruised the North Sea.  We  returned to England and onward to Bavaria Germany in August and September 2001.  Yes, we were in Germany when 9/11 occurred.  Our trip was extended by a week as no airlines were flying to the US.  We experienced two complete opposite reactions in Europe to this disaster.  The Germans could not have been nicer while the French were absolutely crappy about it=, offering no assistance what so ever.We were scheduled to fly out of Paris on the 12th.  No flights and no hotel rooms and no help from the French.  The US Embassy stated that they could put us up in pension with a shared bath.  We opted to fly back to Munich and wait there for a flight.  Needless to say we are in no hurry to return to France any time soon.

We made stops in Norway, Sweden,  Denmark, St. Petersburg, Russia; and Tallinn, Estonia.  Weather prevented us from stopping in Finland

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