Oregon Caves 2004

In August 2004 the Skunk crawled into the entrance of the Oregon Caves, located in the extreme southwest corner of the state.

Elijah Davidson, the first known man to enter Oregon Caves National Monument, entered in pursuit of his favorite dog Bruno and a bear in late November of 1874.Oregon Caves is a solutional cave, with passages totaling about 15,000 feet (2.84 miles) that formed in marble. The parent rock was originally limestone that metamorphosed to marble during the geologic processes that created the Klamath Mountains, including the Siskiyous. Although the limestone formed about 190 million years ago, the cave itself is no older than a few million years.

Oregon Caves is unusual in that it was formed in marble. Most caves created by dissolving of rocks are formed in limestone or dolomite. Of the more than 3,900 caves managed by the National Park Service, only those in Oregon Caves National Monument, Kings Canyon National Park, and Great Basin National Park have marble caves.

You will see the marble formations in the following photos.  Surfaces are glossy rather than the usual dull surfaces found in limestone caves.

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